The real traditional Chinese massage

Chinese Traditional Medecine dates back over five thousand years, it has always had a high regard for the massage. The value of traditional Chinese massage is to maintain or restore good energy flow in the body , allowing health and longevity. In China there is no need to be a doctor to practice Tuina massage.


The effects of TUINA :
  • improving the circulation of blood and qi energy
  • removing energy blockages
  • relaxation of the joints, muscles and soft tissue
  • the balance between body and mind through a complete relaxation

Tuina massage is performed on a dressed person or through a linen cotton . Duration: 1h30

Not to be confused with a relaxation massage! Tuina is much more technical, not only has a function to relax.
Frequency of massage : Every 4-6 weeks for a healthy person

Please note:
  • The day of your consultation remember to drink. If possible, avoid drugs , coffee and alcohol.  Wear comfortable clothing , preferably cotton

Contre-indications in general:
  • Dermatitis , skin infections, burns, wounds or recent scars , open wounds , cuts
  • Muscle or ligament injuries, fractures
  • Diseases related to bones and skeleton ( osteoporosis, ... )
  • Recent surgery ( within three months)
  • Infectious disease with high fever
  • Arteriosclerosis, hypertension, pacemaker ...
  • Phlebitis, varicoses, lymphangitis ...
  • Medical advice is necessary for any type of cancer
  • If in doubt ask your doctor