Christophe Labie

We create all along our lives our own limitations. We have, therefore, in us, all the ressources to overcome them.


The Yin :

  • Ph.D Molecular Biology, specialized in Neurosciences, I also did a training Lacanian analysis. All along my life, I developped body-energy based techincs such as natural magnetism, Reiki, sourcing,.... Finally, I completed my training as praticioneer of Ericksonian Hypnosis

The Yang :

  • After my thesis I joined Big Pharma as research group leader, oriented firstly on the treatment of psychiatric disorders and then dedied to Neurologic diseases. My research domain was centered on brain and neuronal plasticity. I also spent several years for the development of scientific partnerships between Pharma and Academics.

My project :

  • During my professional life I had a real passion for individual development, social and emotional, et life's projects achievement. I decided to merge my yin and my yang to create a new style of life-coaching, adapted to the moving world.