Bioenergetic corrections

Possibilities of bioenergetic corrections

Digestive system  Cardio-vascular system
Respiratory system      Lymphatic system
Urogenital system  Central nervous system, brain
Endocrine system 

Locomotor system

Sensory system Emotions

Bioresonance therapy is very helpful for the body to find its health state, for allergic desensitization, management of stress and chronic pain, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute injuries, emotional problems etc.

The best therapy to restore the frequencies in the body is Meta-Therapy, which is conducted through the inductors of headphones. By this way you enter into resonance with the organ being treated: a high frequency carrier wave, close to the optimal standard of the database, is transmitted to the organ. As a result, the spectrum of organs and tissues become close to standard values.

Example of a meta-therapy on the intestine

Before                       After                                

Other examples are  here       

The database, which allows the detailed analysis of the organism and the preparation of remedies

Organopreparations Minerals
Microelements Plants
Biochemical parametrs Food complementation
Allergens and heavy mettals    Cosmetics
Homeopathy Psycho-emotional states 
Allopathy Flowers of Bach 

Vegeto-Test allows the individual selection of products for health improvement. A database offers a wide selection of products like organotherapy, dietary supplements, allopathic preparations, homeopathic and herbal remedies, allergens, food, etc. It is possible to choose the best preparation for each organ and the type of disturbance. In addition, products brought by the person, for example a drug, an allergen or a food supplement, can be tested.

The resonance chamber can make the specific Metasodes that provide the body with the correct information it needs for regeneration. Any product that improves health status or the reverse pattern of a disease process can serve as Metasode.

Another possibility of the bio-resonance therapy is to restore the weakened organ/function relationships by harmonizing vibrations, which also have a favorable effect on the mind-body connexions. Then the selected diagrams are transferred to a matrix (water, alcohol, sugar, oil). The drops will be used as a reference for the body and thus the visits may be less frequent.

You can find more details on the site of Jacques Pillonel (in french) or METATRON system (in english).

Bio-resonance therapy is not painful and so far no adverse side effect has never been reported. By contrast, during treatment with bio-resonance, or after, the patient might present the emergence of a number of symptoms that can be classified into several categories: initial reactions, temporary worsening of symptoms, reactions predicting of healing, activation of an old chronic disease that had never been treated thoroughly. These physiological reactions are a sign that the therapy by bio-resonance runs strongly and indicate the assimilation by the body of stimulating energy. If you want to know more about this phenomenon see a very good book by R.D. Will "The Bioresonance".