Metatron - Energetic check-up

Metatron-NLS is produced by The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP), which is a Russian scientific research institution, directed by V.I.Nesterova, and mainly oriented towards practical researches in bio-resonance diagnostics and therapy field. It is a non-invasive computer-assisted device for a non-medical diagnosis and for a bio-energetic therapy. Metatron-NLS was certified as a medical device of type CE2A.


Metatron-NLS determines the degree of fatigue and energetic stress. Thus, it helps to diagnose not only the pronounced pathological processes, but also the earliest forms of the diseases or predisposition to them. The analysis of more than 250 organs and tissues is possible.

Note: Metatron does not substitute the medical measuring devices, diagnostic and medical treatment.