• Hypnosis of Erickson : 60 € 

Each session of 1h30 or 2h targets a particular request of patient - chronic pain,  stress managment, every day problems, projects, learning difficulties....

Package "smoking" or "weight loss"

Specific packages "Stop smoking" and "Weight loss" are available on request.

  • Bioresonance sessions: 70 € 

Each session lasts about 2h - 2h30: an interview with pratician, a complete check-up of your energetic state with Metatron-NLS, a harmonizing treatment and a remedy preparation, proposal of a program of naturapatic therapy, suggestion of a food regime. The treatments are adjusted each session according to the results obtained.  

  • NAET method : 50 € first session, then 40 €

Each session lasts about 45 min to 1 hour

  • Chinese Massage Tui Na: 60 € 

Session of about 1h30: an interview with pratician, massage Tui Na and naturopatic suggestions

  • Chinese plantar reflexology: 40 €

Session of about 1h: an interview with pratician, plantar reflexology and  naturopatic suggestions