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The technology DENS is a Dynamic Electro-Neuro Stimulation technic. The device DiaDENS-PCM produces micro-electric impulses which are able to stimulate and to regenerate the nervous fibres of human body. DiaDens-Cardio is particulary helpful for those who wish to stop with the problems of arterial pressure.

Natural method of chronic disease healing - a wide application

DENS-therapy treatment enables to cure quicker many chronic diseases, to achieve an improvement and recovery of function disturbance, to decrease the consumption of drugs or in some cases to avoid drugs dependence. Due to application of DENS-therapy the majority of acute diseases heal faster and without complications. The health state restores until complete recovery.

DiaDens-PCM, DiaDens-T, Denas Classique (vidéo)  

DiaDens-Cardio (vidéo

OLM-1 healing blancket: your personal source of energy

These small devices may be rented for several days. They are very simple in use. You can bring them with you everywhere. And all your family will benefit from their use! 

A regular use of Dens therapy is a useful and efficient complementation of bioresonance and bio-feedback therapies.

If you wish to buy one of the DENS devices please consult our e-boutique "Denas en France"