Issued from the naturopathy, the bio-resonance is a therapeutic method, which consists in the registration and modification, with a special equpement, of the electro-magnetic waves generated by different parts of our body.  This new medecin, so called quantum medecin or informative medecin, gives the possibility to treat an entire person and to release the symptoms.

The concept of bio-resonance stays that the different parts of the body generate electromagnetic waves, the spectrum of which is specific to each person and consists of harmonious part (healthy) and discordant part (sick).

The signals emitted by the body are picked up by electrodes, transmitted and stored in the aparatus where they can be modified and returned to the body through other electrodes. This operation eliminates the unhealthy part of the spectrum and activates the body's healing potential.

Bio-resonance is particularly suited in managing stress and fatigue, acute and chronic allergies such as eczema, asthma, hay fever and food intolerances. It is also useful in neurodermatitis, migraine and diseases of internal organs. Finally, scars, injuries and dental problems can be treated through bio-resonance.

Bio-resonance is also called the MORA therapy, electronic homeopathy, bio-energy therapy or bio-informative therapy.

The bio-resonance therapy is drug-free, it presents no risk to the patient